Who is PrintWorx?

Everything we do, little or not so little, comes down to the level of service we offer all of our customers & clients.

Our business is not based on money, it’s really about energy. With the right energy anything can be accomplished. Based on these beliefs, we personally select who we feel will be the best fit for our services. We put our heart & our time into each & every job we complete & we stay hands on until the customer is happy.

Baring this in mind we also know every customer is not for us. We do almost no advertising at all. Word of mouth & professional follow thru is what keeps us in business.

We are not simply “A Print Company”, we are an agency, an agency that will help you from the ground up with your business and watch it grow with you. If you have read this & respect our approach then chances are we are a good fit & we will be more then happy to help you and work with you.

Anyone can sell products but we truly service our customers.

What We Do

DIGITAL Printing

You have probably heard of the many benefits for digital printing – cost-effective short runs, fast turnarounds, print on demand, the ability to personalize, higher productivity, reduced costs and so on. But the digital landscape is changing constantly, and new technologies and capabilities continue to add to what you can do with digital.


UV Printing

Our wealth of experience and understanding of UV printing enables us to print many We pride ourselves on printing to the highest standards whilst taking into account ink adhesion, flexibility, scratch resistance and gloss levels. Typical materials printed include perspex, wood, glass, PVC, self-adhesive vinyl, HIP, foil paper & boards, chromodek, synthetic paper, folding boxboard, fluted board and more. We have an excellent reputation for niche printing and we are always pushing boundaries.

OFFSET Printing

Our litho offset printing options offer you real value. All our printed jobs are of an exceptional quality and will impact your business positively. That’s why we count prestigious organisations across the globe among our customers. PrintWorx is a full-service printer specialising in professional colour printing.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Print & Install

We come to you. Our friendly, competent staff will meet you on site, at your convenience, view the job and discuss your projects. We listen to your ideas and vision for what it is you are trying to design or print.

An idea and design concept is the impression behind a design. With the client’s vision in mind, we are able to plan and solve the concept of how a product needs to be created for aesthetic visibility and practical use by our clients. We make sure every one of the client’s needs are met to their satisfaction. By working as a team with our clients, we are able to provide them with various choices available for any and every product printed or designed.


For our clients’, a design concept normally could be more of a visual entity that allows them to see a version of what they requested. Design concepts can take form of a “Mood-board” that can help a client realise their vision for their home or business. 

Our Company is equipped with the latest equipment and technology to print a product of superior quality. We have a  highly qualified and skilled team who are able to print & manufacture your products to your satisfaction.

Ultimately, our client’s vision is met from beginning to end.

At Prinworx, we pride ourselves on providing top class professional service and customer satisfaction. We look forward to building relationships with you.

Why Choose Us?

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Find Us

87 Shepstone Street, Durban, 4001
Phone:   +27 31 337 8030
Fax:  +27 31 368 6695
Email:  info@printworx.co.za